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The pain of plug-ins

Frankly, had I spent as much time in my day job jettisoning poor plugins as I did this past week, I would probably be docked a day’s pay. Facing the deadline to finish this project and wanting to get on to the more dynamic part of coding it – versus just copying in a plugin […]

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To Breadcrumb or not?

To leave a trail or not? Breadcrumbs are an interesting navigation tool. And I must admit I really love them when I’m shopping online at some of my favorite retailers. Talbots, for example, deploys them well, using it as a sort of mid-page navigation that allows for more robust banner treatments on featured content. The […]

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Fast via sprite

Building web sites that are pleasing to the eye and functional for the user won’t mean anything if they take so long to load that the user moves on before the design is even viewed. Among the best ways to improve that load time: Image sprites – i.e. a composite image file that with a […]

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